A Letter To My Son
Dear Son, 

Well Christmas time is here once again, I’ve put the tree up as I do each year, and your stocking has been hung with care. Oh yes Christmas is in the air, but this year is different for you’ve grown up and taken a wife, you’ve started your grown up life. As I go through the Christmas decorations I see the ones you make when you were my little boy. Oh how my heart swelled with pride joy and love when you brought these trinkets home saying “I made this just for you and of course your new Christmas ornament went right on the tree at once, you’ll never know how much joy you brought into my life the day you were born, I must admit I miss those days when you were mommy’s little boy. I close my eyes and I can still smell your baby lotion, oh my the diapers I did change! Excuse me while I dry my tears. Oh where did the time go? It was only yesterday that we went to see Santa remember you always told Santa “ I just want too much”. Did I rush through life working late so you could have more toys, more clothes and more of everything I never had as a child. Oh where did the time go you should still be playing doctor with the cat and dog you grew up with. And we should still be playing chase out in the yard and through the house I should still be the room mom baking cookies for you to take to school, I should still be, walking you to your first grade class- oh I miss those years so! Did I take them and you for granted? Oh I hope not! I think sometimes if I could only have you little once more I’d do things differently! But then I realize- that a single mom and her small son did OK! After all you’ve grown up to be a fine young man with values and morals that makes my heart once again swell with love pride, and joy. For I know that you’ll always be my little boy! Merry Christmas son.


Your Mom