Dear God,
Thank you for that flat tire on the highway yesterday. The weather was so humid, traffic zoomed by and it took me nearly three hours to change the tire by myself. Thank you, for the delay that kept me from the fatal accident that would have been in my path.
Thank you for my forgetfulness last week when I forgot my purse and had to go all the way home to retrieve I before stopping at my regular gas station, thank you so much for keeping me safe from the robbery that killed the clerk and four customers.
Thank you Lord for those terrible headaches, the ones that cost me hundreds of dollars in doctor bills, only to have to return yet again, and thank you for the sitters cancellation the last doctors visit. My head was pounding and the baby was screaming and the other patients waiting were so very annoyed, thank you so much. The doctor said had we no been able to recognize baby’s symptoms, we would have lost her. Thank you, God for sending a guardian angel to watch over me.
The next time you have a flat tire, or wake up late, or forget things that delay you, and the next time that you feel that something terrible has happened, or that you seem to have the worst luck, think about what would have happened if things had been changed. It’s not bad luck, not at all. It’s your guardian angel.

Dear God