The thing that has pulled me through it all has been having an Attitude of Gratitude.  
When I read the issue “why me,” I wanted to share with you what I have learned to do for myself each and every day.
To keep an Attitude of Gratitude at all times, I have learned to have a “Gratitude Prayer” once a day.
I have this prayer just before laying down for the night.
I do nothing in it by pray my thankfulness for things that I am grateful for on that particular day.
When I first started this practice, my prayers were very short.
As the years have passed, they have become a time of peace each day that I look forward to as I share with my Father in Heaven all the bounty He has given me that day.
I acknowledge His hand in the giving of that bounty.
My world is beautiful because of constant gratitude.
I have made it such a part of my life, that at times during the day when something happens, I raise my eyes to Heaven and say “Thank you, God.”
My change in taking charge of my life in this manner has indeed been a gift, for I have a constant smile, inside and out, by merely looking at the world differently.
Sue Adams
Cheyenne, Wyoming