Just Float
It is spring in South Africa and I was working in my garden.

I noticed that a little dove had fallen from its nest and into
our swimming pool. The bird was still alive, but only just.

It had been in the pool a long time. Its feet were stiff from
the cold and its little neck just hung limp. I took it out of
the pool not really knowing what to do.

Instinct jumped in. I wrapped the bird in a towel and blew
softly into the towel to warm it up. A couple of hours later,
the little bird made a full recovery.

As I was sitting and looking at this bird, I realized that when
I found it in the pool, it was just floating. Had the little
bird spluttered and flapped, it would have tired itself out. 
Its feathers would have become completely water-logged and it
would have drowned. Instead, it just floated.

The lesson I learned is this:
When I am in a situation, I too should "float" instead of
flapping and splashing around. I should "float" in the arms of
the Everlasting Father who always will carry me and rescue me.

~A MountainWings Original by Sandy Lange, South Africa~