A Lover's Prayer
Father, I ask you to forgive me for my lack of patience and for being self-centered and always thinking about myself and what I want and wanting to be comfortable all the time instead of trying to be a help to other people. Most of all, I pray that you'll help me to always be gentle and good and understanding with this woman who's chose to live her life with me. She loves me with all her heart, with a love that's innocent and trusting and unselfish. You've had your hand on our lives since the day we met. We'd both been hurt a lot and neither one of us was ready to open our hearts again. But there was something wonderful about that moment almost like the world had conspired to place an emphasis on our meeting when we came together that day. I realized immediately how much she was. There was this bright burning knowing in her eyes that cut right through her shyness and it was weird how we trusted each other right from the start. Whatever kind of carpet there was in that room caused an electric shock when our hands touched and we both laughed and it all got started in a relaxed and easy going way. And you brought us along and brought us through everything that could have wrecked us along the way. Every time I look at her I see the little girl who believes the world's a good place, that everybody's got good in them, and that darkness is just a place that the light hasn't got to yet. Father, help me to trust you the way she trusts you. I want to have that kind of faith. No matter how bad things look, she believes if she does her best and tries hard enough, everything will turn out all right. Forgive me 
for being in such hurry all the time and being worried. But there really isn't any reason for it. I 
think some times I look for the worst in people, trying to find something wrong with them so I 
can feel better about me. She's always looking for the good in people and the funny thing is, she 
always seems to find it. Help me to be as gentle and thoughtful and kind as she is and to not 
always be making everything about me, to not always be trying to get everything the way I want 
it all the time. She's the one that's taught me about kindness. And when I do remember to give a 
little bit of it back to her, when I remember to be thoughtful, she's so grateful that tears come to 
her eyes and she touches my face with her hand and I've never seen love like that. I'll never 
understand why she loves me the way she does. Of all the gifts You've given me, that's the 
greatest gift of all. Help me to comfort her when she troubled and to some how make her 
realize how beautiful and wonderful she really is. I don't deserve her, but Lord how I love 
her. Help me to be good to her. Amen