No Christmas This Year
We won't have a Christmas this year, you say 
For now the children have all gone away;
And the house is so lonely, so quiet and so bare
We couldn’t have a Christmas that they didn’t share.

We won’t have a Christmas this year, you sigh,
For Christmas means things that money must buy.
Misfortunes and illness have robbed us we fear
Of the things that we’d need to make Christmas this year.

We won't have a Christmas this year you weep, 
For a loved one is gone, and our grief is too deep;
It will be a long time before our harts heal, 
And the spirit of Christmas again we can feel.

But if you lose Christmas when troubles befall,
Your never have really had Christmas at all.
For once you have had it, it cannot depart
When you learn that true Christmas is Christ in you heart.