When Abraham gave Isaac

Upon the altar there

A sacrifice, the depth of which

His soul could scarcely bear

He wrestled long into the night

ln agony of soul

How could he give his precious son

And trust God keeps him whole.

He agonized and wrestled

Until he realized

That Isaac had become THE one

The one that he most prized

And then in deep repentance

and agony of soul

He called on God's forgiveness

And gave Him back the whole.

He cried "Forgive me Father

l never realized

That l had made young Isaac

An idol in my life

I give him Lord into Your hands

I love him so much Lord,

But, Oh I need to love you more

And trust you at your Word."

And God returned to Abraham

The son he dearly loved

But ne'er again did Isaac

Take the place reserved for God.

And so to each of us it seems

There comes this very test

Will we surrender loved ones

And in His promise rest?

The battle oft is long and hard

We agonize and weep,

It's not that we're not willing

It's just that love's so deep

We build an altar

Hoping still that God will intervene

And then at last abandon

Every hope and dream.

We lay them down with trembling heart

We feel 'twill never mend

And pray "God let the tire fall

I’ll trust You to the end

For there is no—one else to trust

No other voice but Thine

And so, I give completely

All once I thought was mine."

The Freedom of Sacrifice